Career Exploratory Tours

FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2024
State FFA Convention Career Expo

The Missouri FFA Association, in collaboration with the University of Missouri, is providing FFA members with the following career exploratory experiences during the FFA Career Expo on Friday, April 19th.

Advanced registration is required by using the unique registration link associated with each experience. Capacity is limited, so students should register as soon as possible. Each experience is scheduled for an hour, with additional 30 minutes of walk time. Students will be escorted to campus locations.

  • 10:00 AM – Depart Trowbridge Events Center
  • 11:30 AM – Return to Trowbridge Events Center 

 Explore Careers in Plant Science & Technology at the state-of-the-art Plant Growth Facility. Browse 24 greenhouses, growth chambers, cold storage, seed processing, drying rooms, and root washing stations where innovative research is conducted.

Capacity: 25 

 Careers in Nutrition & Dietetics. Visit the MU Nutritional Center for Health (MUNCH) – a research/teaching kitchen and simulation labs to learn how Registered Dietitians (RDs) are trained. Hands on experience highlighting how RDs practice in a medical setting and help people eat healthier in the community.

Capacity: 20-25 

 Careers in Food Science and Processing. Visit the food sensory lab and experience a “blind taste test” as a mock Product Developer or Sensory Scientist. Tour Buck’s Ice Cream to learn the creation of Tiger Stripe Ice Cream (sampling may be involved).

Capacity: 18 

 Explore Careers in Weather Forecasting and Data Collection. Experience the Weather Analysis and Visualization (WAV) Lab and the green screen to produce your own weather forecast. Learn how weather data is collected, interpreted, and communicated to the local community.

Capacity: 20 

 Explore a Career in Nursing. Sinclair School of Nursing Simulation Coordinators will lead students in hands-on experiences in an immersive learning environment of clinical skills lab and simulation suite. Learn about the academic experience from department staff and current Mizzou Nursing students.

Capacity: 25 

 Discover Engineering Impacts on the Environment. Learn how engineers are working with the environment to reverse negative impacts on water and soil corrosion as well as the latest developments in repairing, maintaining, and sustaining our environment for future generations.

Capacity: 25 

  • 10:30 AM – Depart Trowbridge Events Center
  • 12:00 PM – Return to Trowbridge Events Center 

 Explore a Career as a Food Animal Veterinarian. Explore the MU Veterinary Health Center Food Animal Hospital, rotating between hands-on stations with veterinary activities. Discover vital roles and careers in veterinary medicine that ensure livestock health, as well as food safety.

Capacity: 25 

Careers in Agribusiness Management. Learn about business careers in the agricultural industry by participating in a high stake, fun, interactive commodity trading activity. Experience the fast-paced environment of commodity traders and merchandisers. Explore the risks of agriculture and the impact of an agribusiness career.

Capacity: 25 

Careers in Exercise Physiology. Visit MU PAW – MU Physical Activity and Wellness, a state-of-the art human clinical research facility for the assessment of physiological and behavioral health-related outcomes, and Fitness Testing and Training (MU-FITT) providing exercise testing and prescription services to the campus community.

Capacity: 20-25 

Discover Careers in Forestry. Browse tree ring history, timber products, hands-on labs, and tree measurements from Mizzou’s campus. Learn how you can prepare for a career as a forester or ecologist in a lucrative industry that allows you to work in the great outdoors!

Capacity: 15 

Discover the Power of Conservation GIS – a revolutionary blend of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing. Unleash your potential to analyze the Earth’s systems, and map rural and urban landscapes. Geospatial knowledge leads to high-paying careers, exciting fieldwork, and laboratory expertise, while shaping geospatial applications in wildlife conservation.

Capacity: 25